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SOME KEY ELEMENTS AND PROGRAM EXCERPTS selected by our Curator Alec Crichton

RAN SLAVIN - December 4th/6th at 20:00
Ran Slavin (1967) is a Tel Aviv based film maker, video artist and sound producer. His cinematic frameworks oscillate between dream like narratives and neo-noir. Recognizing video as a tool of observation, Slavin explores this illusionary and post natural medium by creating magical sites, where supernatural and mythical elements interfere and the imaginary interacts with the contemporary.


OPEN THE GATE every Friday 21:00
Fashion designer and dancer, enfant terrible Romain Brau presents people from fashion, dance, nightlive in a very over the top set up.

DIMANCHE ROUGE every Sunday 20:00
Paris artist collective Dimanche Rouge screens latest performance art from around the globe.

SOUVENIRS FROM MARS every Friday 22:00
The Marseille art school ESADMM presents latest student works and archives ranging from video clips, performance art to animation and photo films. The first ever regular TV show for an art school.


CURATED BY.... every Sunday 18:00

Cristina Navarro presents Cartography of Myth Antje Engelmann / Hayden Fowler / Lilli & Lola / Sergio Roger. Young Berlin based artists explore the myth as a form of narrative. Despite individual interests and approaches, these works reveal a common visual language, an undetermined space where meaning and form converge into metaphoric systems. www.invaliden1.com PDF

Marjan Teeuwen
presents Discovering Slowness
Raymond Taudin Chabot / Martijn Veldhoen / Lon Robbe / Matt Calderwood / Hans Op de Beeck / Eelco Brand / Oliver Boberg / Job Koelewijn / Anouk De Clercq / Michal Butink / Dan Geesin / Jeroen Kooijmans / Paul Kooiker / Broersen & Lukacs / Marjan Teeuwen / Philippine Hoegen


VIDEOFORMES presents 2009 Video Selection
Zhenchen Liu / Christoph Oertli / Isabel Rocamora / Maix Mayer / Mihai Grecu / Jacques Maîtrot / Reynold Reynolds / Max Hattler / Clorinde Durand / Ana Moraes / Clémence Demesme / Clemens Kogler / Robert Croma / Ran Slavin / Kaija Saariaho / Jean-Baptiste Barrière / Stéphane Trois Carrés / Pawel Wojtasik / Alessandro Amaducci

David Lynch / Harmony Korine / Asia Argento / James Franco / Larry Clark / Mike Figgis / Tadanobu Asano / Rinko Kikuchi / Gasper Noe / Floria Sigismondi / Kenneth Anger / Carlos Reygadas / Abel Ferrara /Sean Lennon Charles Burnett /Sergei Bodrov /Terrence Koh / Mote Sinabel / Griffin Marcus / Jonas Mekas / Dee Poon Grant Morrison / Jonathan Caouette / Chris Milk / Arden Wohl / Leos Carax / Zhang Yuan / Lola Schnabel / Michele Civetta / Chris Graham / Florian Habicht / Taika Waititi / Rajan Mehta / Niki Caro / Yung Chang / Brian Butler / Zachary Croitoroo / Matt Pyke / Joe Coleman / Chan Marshall / Lou Yee




Special gallery Day - KPS Gallery, Cologne
Until 7pm with Mark Arbeit, Marina Gadonneix, Jacqueline Hassink, Todd Hido, George Holz, Immo Klink, Just Loomis and Greg Stimac

Hors Pistes 2014
We broadcast the talkshow/lunch/perfomance of the hors pistes festival produced by the Cnetre Pompidou.

Datenstrudel presents Standard Time
The 24h video pursues a new concept in displaying time. The course of time is shown in a movie of exactly 24 hours, which shows workers constructing the time in form of a digital display by using man-sized wooden slats - of course in real time. Standard Time is an idea of the German artist Mark Formanek, and has been realised by the Berlin based media agency Datenstrudel. www.standard-time.com

Cécile Evans presents To Miami with Love
Michel Majerus / Kai Kuhne & Rita Ackerman / assume vivid astro focus / Alex Mcquilkin

Micheal Stevenson Gallery (Cape Town) presents
Simon Gush - In the Company Of / Lerato Shadi - Hema

Nettie Horn Gallery (London) presents
Annti Laitinen / Gwenael Belanger / Marko Maetamm PDF

December 2009 PDF
Pool Gallery (Berlin) presents Mercedes Helnwein
Whistling past the Graveyard (2008) & Faking it (2008)

December 2009
Alicia Eler and Jefferson Godard present Performance Anxiety
Kate Gilmore / Rochelle Feinstein / Greg Stimac / Carlos Rigau / Stacia Yeapanis

  Emilie Trice presents STOP.MOTION
Douglas Gordon / Assume Vivid Astro Focus / Miguel Angel Rios / Oliver Pietsch / Nevin Aladag

presents MACULA
Hans Op de Beeck / Fanny Adler / Rosalind Nashashibi / Colin Ledoux / Masha Sha / Eléonore de Montesquiou / Thomas Léon

February 2009
Cécile Evans presents Made for TV
Bill Viola / Tom Sachs / Kolkoz / Jordan Wolfson / Julian Opie and a selection by Chez Valentin Gallery (Paris).

November 2009
Insert coin - highway car / Insert coin - for love / Blender / Coffee / Situation / All together now... / Determination / The Building / Celebration / Extensions

JEU DE PAUME April 2009
Our channel screens a selection of works from the show HF/RG [ Harun Farocki & Rodney Graham] at
Jeu de Paume in Paris every Monday.

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Strawberry fields
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Night on Earth
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A dry cool Place
Video-postcards from planet earth
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