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Shahar Marcus (Israel,1971) is an interdisciplinary artist who works primarily in video, performance and sculpture. In his performances he relates his body to organic and perishable materials, such as dough, bread, juice or ice. His relationship to the materials examines the position and the role of his body as both human and creator. His choice of perishables likewise highlights the nature of art and life.

Freeze (2008) Two figures play chess with large figures made of ice. The passage of time is marked by the melting of the ice and the movement of the huge hourglass filled with foam balls. The artist is standing inside the hourglass, reminding of Chronos, the Greek god of time. The rotation of the hourglass, the melting chess pieces, and the alternation of black and white stand out in the location in which the scene was filmed; the plaza outside the Shrine of the Book at the Israel Museum. This building houses the Dead Sea Scrolls, including the famous War Scroll, which describes the apocalyptic battle between the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness, when the familiar passage of time will give way to the timescale of myth. CAMERA Ben Hertzog SOUNDTRACK Daniel Landau CAST Daniel Rozenthal, Yossi Karni, Shahar Marcus PRODUCER Shahar Marcus EDITOR Daniel Landau

Still Burning (2010) presents a hybrid human figure with the upper half of his body covered with dough, this organic material transforms the figure into a human golem. The silence which is reflected from the figure merges with a murmuring sound creating anticipation that something is about to happen. Suddenly flames cover the figure which progressively calms down again, revealing the burnt material, the dough has turned into a smoking monument. CAMERA Daniel Landau SOUNDTRACK Daniel Meir CAST Shahar Marcus EDITOR Daniel Landau

In Leap of Faith the artist is standing at a window, ready to make the leap of his life. The work is about the fear of failure and social criticism and the longing for glory at any price. CAMERA Shay Peleg SOUNDTRACK Daniel Meir EDITOR Daniel Landau

Gold Diamonds (2010) is autobiographical and depicts the artist's personal journey. The video is shot in an industrial diamond polishing factory, where rough diamonds undergo a process of polishing. Here they are used for the production of gold. The artist grinds the rough diamonds into gold powder, a material that embodies transcendence, ideas and meanings. In the end he allows the powder to disperse over the sea. CAMERA Bem Hertzog SOUNDTRACK Daniel Meir EDITOR Daniel Landau

Still life (2010) shows the artist as an integral part of a pile of fruits, similar to the still life scenes we find throughout the history of painting. Symbolic for the transition from painting to video and relating to life and death, the artist appears between the fruits and starts eating them. CAMERA Meir Tati SOUNDTRACK Daniel Meir PRODUCER Meir Tati

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