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Fragments - Les Bruissements du Monde
No one is an island

Jean-Sébastien Monzani (1975) is a Swiss and French fulltime freelance professional photographer, videographer and graphic-designer born, who is specialized in portrait photography. Elegance, simplicity, a strong sense of composition and emotions are key elements in his work. His themes often depict a sense of magic in reality. Most of his work is also influenced by magic realism - with authors such as Haruki Murakami, Jorge Luis Borges or Dino Buzzati - as well as visual poetry in performance arts. Jean-Sébastien's work always leaves some space for imagination, with a strong visual composition and a delicate approach of colors.

“Perfection in design is not achieved when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to remove.” -- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Entretemps (literally "between-time") explores the boundaries of the perception of time in a cold universe into which a woman seems to be trapped. Is there a way out when the seconds and minutes themselves become a substance and the rules of nature are violated? How does it feel to be trapped in a place where the continuity of time is broken?

Seatopia (2009) gently approaches the fragile inner-world of a young lady who seems to be fascinated by boats and sea… Can dreams still live in the hostile universe of the cold city? CAST Stéphanie Schneider

Paragenese (2010) is a reflection on power and sensuality, exploring the body-language and relationships of three linked characters in an enigmatic universe where verbal communication does not exist. The staged performance and lights add to the oddity and poetry of their mysterious - and harsh - world. CAST Claire Deutsch, Vincent Brayer, Adrien Barazzone CAMERA Jean-Sébastien Monzani & Sébastien Monachon ASSISTANT Jonas Fornerod

Fragments - Les Bruissements du Monde (2010) explores the quest for identity and quietness in the rumble of the world. The surreal story leads to questions about individuality. Does it still exist, when everything is described, discussed and controlled by the media? What kind of relationships are made possible between these broken souls? CAST Stéphanie Schneider & Laurent Annoni ASSISTANCE Francesca Palazzi CAMERA Jean-Sébastien Monzani & Sébastien Monachon

Normality (2010) Presented like a live performance, "Normality" questions the notions of identity and individuality. In a sterile world, an androgynous character seeks freedom and interacts with symbolic elements whose interpretation is left to the spectator. The original soundtrack emphasizes the dreamy trip of this escape. "Normality" is the third chapter of a work started with "Fragments - Les bruissements du monde" and "Paragenèse". CAST Catherine Delmar ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK Angelo Vitaliano

Embrio (2010) The fourth chapter of a work on experimental short movies, "embrio" explores the inner impulses and obsessions of a young woman haunted by voices in a cold casual word. While sequential and apparently narrative, the movie focuses on sensations carried by the main character. CAST Stéphanie Schneider

No one is an island (2011) Filled with mysterious symbolic elements, “No one is an island” is a purposely puzzling non-narrative experimental film. The non-linear montage suggests that several stories might be linked together: although nothing is explicit, viewers feel a strong tension, driven by a strange and uncomfortable soundscape. CAST Pauline Epiney CAMERA Jean-Sébastien Monzani & Sébastien Monachon LIGHTING TECHNICIANS & PROPS ASSISTANCE David Seppey & Grégoire Züger

KTÓRYŚ (2011) As its Polish title suggests, KTÓRYŚ (“some one”) explores the notion of identity. Beginning with an awkward funny rendez-vous between a faceless man and a curious woman, the movie evolves from slight humor to strong body-language and emotion. WRITTEN by Jean-Sébastien Monzani & Stéphanie Schneider CAST Stéphanie Schneider & Pierre-Antoine Dubey CAMERA Jean-Sébastien Monzani & Francesca Palazzi ASSISTANT David Seppey

Limitamentum (2011) is a collective creation. The goal of this experimental short movie was to explore social limits and interactions in everyday life through dance and gestures. CAST Carla Affolter, Iris Barbey, Catherine Delmar, Valérie Léchot, Noémie Robert, Raphaëlle Savina CAMERA Sébastien Monachon, Francesca Palazzi, Jean-Sébastien Monzani

For more information, see www.jsmonzani.com and www.simplemoment.com

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